Getting your car winter ready

snow 1123883 1280Driving in winter can be challenging as the conditions get wet and road becomes slippery with reduced visibility. There are few things you can do to get your car and yourself ready for winter driving.

Check your tyres

Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure and you have enough tread (1.5mm, or enough to cover the bottom of a 20-cent coin when you slot it in). The tyres plays a major part in keeping your car on the road and ensuring a safe journey.

We have a wide range of tyres at our Bairds Rd branch so come on and grab a bargain. 

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Check your windscreen wipers

Wipers need to be replaced if they are not cutting out the water properly from the windscreen. This will affect your vision when it starts to rain. You can try to clean the blades with soapy water or alcohol on a paper towel if the blades are brittle or cracked.

Check with our friendly team at 153 East Tamaki Road for a great deal on wipers and they'll be able to help you fit it as well !

Check air conditioning

Turning on air conditioning during winter driving helps demists the windows, ensuring you have good visibility.

Get a basic tune-up

Your car needs servicing at every 10,000 km according to AA Motoring New Zealand

We offer three packages for servicing -

Tyre World & Auto Ltd - Service types

Moreover, after servicing we can do WOF for you as well all under one roof.

Check your battery

Cold temperatures mean your engine needs more current from the battery in order to start so you want to make sure the battery is functioning properly. Start by making sure you have enough charge left in your battery. The most simple way to check is by turning on your headlights before you start your engine. Then turn your engine on – if the lights get brighter your battery may be dying - onegoodthing

If in doubt, simply bring in your car to our workshop so we can test it out for you.