About Us

Welcome to Tyre World and Auto – Your premier car repair & auto electrical service specialists.

The trusted name in Tyres and Auto repairs has 2 stores Auckland to service your car needs. East Tamaki & Otara.

Established in 2003, the team are dedicated to providing you with excellent service and quality results.

Also operating under Mag & Tyre World, we provide a huge variety of services, and can help you with everything ranging from Tune-ups and Brakes and clutch inspections, through CV joints and Cambelts, to Auto-electrical services and Shocks & suspensions. Call us for Panel & paint services, Transmission and also Car grooming.

We offer AA vehicle inspectionsmag and tyre repairs & replacements and WOFs.

Our affordable WOFs are only $20, which should give you a fair indication of our prices in general. Please note, WOF and Full mechanical services are available at our East Tamaki Rd branch only.

Furthermore, we are experts at full mechanical repairs, tyre fittings, puncture repairs, and also offer you good technical advice.

Tyre and Mag wheel packages are available from $699, while new tyres range from $65 upwards. You can also check our used tyres, which are from $25 onwards.

With courtesy cars available why would you not drop in today!

Contact us for the BEST quality, the BEST service, and the CHEAPEST prices!

Tyres - New & Used including Repair & Mag Wheel in East Tamaki

Our team of qualified technicians are at hand to get your tyres road ready again. We have a wide range of tyres and also mag wheels to cater for any type of vehicle.

We have a wide selection of second hand/ used as well as brand new tyres in stock.

We offer:

  • Mag wheels
  • Mag tyres
  • Tyre repairs 
  • Tyre replacement

Make an enquiry today or call the team on 09 271 3330