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  Bronze Gold Platinum
   $79* $179* $Price Variable
Oil Change   ✓  ✓  ✓
Filter replace   ✓  ✓  ✓
Road test    ✓ ✓ 
Check/replace standard spark plugs only  
Check HT Lead condition & rocker cover  
Fill antifreeze/coolant  
Check radiator cap/cooling system hoses etc  
Check/Fill brake fluid level  
Check/Fill clutch/trans fluid level  
 Fill power steer fluid & check P/S lines   ✓  ✓ 
 Check power steering belt   ✓  ✓ 
 Check aircon belt   ✓  ✓ 
 Check battery condition   ✓  ✓ 
 Fill window washer fuid/check blades   ✓  ✓ 
Check & clean air filter  
Check fuel filter visual  
Check & fill transmission fluid  
Check lights & side indicators  
Check tyre pressure & tyre condition  
REport on alignment needs  
Check engine mount  
Brake inspection  
Check brake hoses  
Visual check suspension/shocks/bushes  
Check & report on oil leaks  
Visual CV boot inspection  
Visual rack boot inspection  
On road brake test & CV joint  
Report on warning light etc on dash  
Above plus platinum plugs